Selected Stories

A Blind Runner and His Very Good Boy
The New York Times

Guide dogs are taught to keep the blind safe. Now they’re being trained to help guide visually impaired runners in road races — and maybe, someday, in a marathon.

In Bushwick, Playing With Fire, Then Eating It

Fighting for the Right to Sell a Smoothie on New York Streets

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Fight to Be Heard

The Real People of Brooklyn’s Sex-Positive Group House

‘You See Your Boys, You Stop’

These Blind New Yorkers are Biking Across New York City

It’s 2 A.M. and You Need Tonkatsu

The Ballad of Daniel Antopolsky

Exercise Class, Obedience Not Required

Denmark’s Civil Unions: One Giant Leap for Mankind

My Transcendental Trip Into the Secret World of the Gay Shaman Circle

Unleashing Their Inner Sis, Boom, Bah

For a Smooth Ride, Look Someplace Else

The Calm Before the Thud

E-Cigarette Shops Open Even as City Cracks Down

The Dame of Dictionaries

After a Lengthy Battle, ‘Miles Davis Way’ Is Official

How to Give ‘Skipping Town’ a Whole New Meaning

Juggling, an Unexpected Workout

Pledging a Fraternity of Silk

The Subway’s No. 1 Charmer

Traveling Alone, With Help

Treadmills, Without the Tedium

Tackling Obstacles, the Good Kind

Uncaging the Cage Fighter Within

An Immodest Proposal

Lessons for All Would-Be Jedis

Home on the Range—in New York City

After the Final Curtain, Act II

Capturing the Green

Why do Jews intermarry, and who wants to marry a Jew, anyway?

Japan Confronts Hazards of Judo

If the Dancing Shoe Fits

Yoga, With New Poses to Strike

In Japan, Sumo Is Dominated by Foreigners

The Passion, the Romance, the Tango

Putting the Bounce Back in Your Step

Should the Terminally Ill Control their Deaths?

An Origami Studio Unfolds in Park Slope

Taking Dance to the Air

Cycling and Socializing in Central Park

Making Waves With Zumba

An Easy Commute to Stillness

For Now, the ‘Way of the Sword’ Is Too Complex for the Games

Throwing Punches With Models of Fitness

How Wicab’s BrainPort Technology Gives Sight to the Blind

For Some Women, the Name of the Game Is Baseball

How Blind Athletes Get Their Game On

Japanese Women Stake Out a Space for Themselves in Sports

Hawaiian Shirts Lower Japanese Energy Use

Tokyo Trend: Ear-cleaning Parlors

Monitoring the Monitors

Loosening China’s Grip on Table Tennis

Everyone’s an Athlete in Tokyo Marathon

7-Eleven Experiments With Eco-Friendly Stores

In Sumo’s Push for the Olympics, a Turn Away From Tradition

Japan Regains Its Judo Form

Mozart’s Growing Influence on Food

Still a Moron After All These Years

Lives: A Weighty Matter

New York Observed: Busted in the Park

The Rise and Fall—and Rise—of “Jewess”